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How to be Relationship Ready
With Certified Life Coach, Nikki Berrian

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Discovery. Strategy. Progression.

Are you relationship ready?

Are you impatient in the pursuit of finding the right partner?

Don't expect too much too quickly. Prioritize your time so you give space in your life for love.

Are you sabotaging your relationships with a negative mindset?

Start with a positive framework. Limit negative self-talk. Get out of your own way.

Are you stuck in "Unforgiveness"?

Don't just "move on" but work towards healing. Effectively deal with those things that may be holding you back from loving fully.

Do you keep attracting the same type of partner?

Discover your relationship patterns. Distinguish between the partners you attract and the right partner for you.

Do you struggle with self-awareness or self-love?

Be more emotionally intelligent. Take accountability for your actions. Fall in love with yourself again.

Are you triggered by past relationships or hurt?

Identify your trauma triggers so you can know what to do when they arise. Don't live in fear of repeating past hurts.

Are You Ready for the Next Step?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, take the next step towards becoming "Relationship Ready". Book Coach Nikki TODAY!


Coach Nikki Berrian works with high achieving women who want to improve how they show up for themselves in relationships. As a certified, professional life coach, she has been trained to help women discover their present reality and help them strategize to ensure they progress towards their desired future.

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