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We have always felt compelled to help marriages and have done so by frequently teaching marriage classes, leading in-home small group studies, coaching couples one on one, and through this, a seed was planted. The Vision of “The Power Couple Marriage” was given to us by God.  The fundamental belief of the concept is simple: without the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, we, as believers, are unable to be the spouse that God desires us to be.  At first, the vision came as inspiration for a book.  We worked on the book slowly for many months, all the while living “normal” everyday lives, but God began to show us that this was much more than a book, it was a movement to help shape Godly marriages and redefine what being a Power Couple really means.  The vision was clear, take this message of having a “Power Couple Marriage” and share it with God’s people, but we were so focused on the book that we couldn’t see, the appointed time had come to launch the movement first.

God eventually confirmed, time and time again, that the immediate need was to host a live event and share our story and our gifts with God’s people.  Clearly the book is a priority and we are still working on completing the book so we can get it into your hands, but we feel that God wants us to sow the seeds of wisdom from our forthcoming book, The Power Couple Marriage, now.  Yes, NOW!

The purpose of hosting “The Power Couple Marriage” event is to give married believers in Christ the tools needed to refresh their marriage and the permission to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit.  In today’s society, it’s very common for couples to part ways when the marriage is no longer “easy” or within their own strength, they feel unable to persevere.  We feel very strongly that Christian marriages have the ability to withstand difficulty, if they are well equipped. 

Join us at our next event, The Power Couple Marriage Experience, as we challenge today’s stereotypes of what a “Power Couple” is and explore all of the myths and untruths fed into our psyche about marriage.  We will laugh, learn and lead you through tapping into the ultimate source to have The Power Couple Marriage that God intended for you and your spouse.  Get plugged in and join us at our next event!  See you there.

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