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What couples are saying...

"The love that we received from the Berrians has never been matched.  This couple truly loves the institution of marriage.  My husband and I attended a class held by this couple after meeting them at a Christian retreat… They poured their hearts and spirits into us and called us out on our wrong doings… The part that I respect the most about their marriage advice and counseling is that they don’t pick sides.  They listen to the problem/s and encourage you to think about your actions or responsibility without being too pushy or righteous.  It was a true blessing to meet this couple.  I am a walking billboard to for their Power Couple Marriage experience because it is still building my marriage up.." - Paula D.

Ty and Nikki have been god’s gift to the success of our marriage during a very troublesome time for my wife and I when we thought that the only way to get past our marital issues was to end it all simply with divorce. Issues surrounding finances and lack of communication and understanding had our relationship stressed to its maximum. Despite the heightened emotional conversations and what we thought was the ultimate end to our relationship, God directed us to Ty and Nikki, where they stepped in to help us through.  They accomplished this by offering us different perspectives and holding us accountable for our actions and things that we both did that caused us to get to the point we were in.  They also invited us to attend a marriage class at their church for married couples that they were facilitating.  This class was awesome and what we both needed at that exact time in our relationship... Not only were they a great inspiration to us in teaching of the marriage class, but it’s clear that their relationship exemplifies the values and teachings of Christ as you interact with these two. We are grateful for the both of them for the support they have given to our marriage.  Because of their support and love we have recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony in which we were honored to have Ty speak and renew our vows for us.  We love them and thank them for everything they have done for us. - Rashan W.

The 7-day (intimacy) challenge caused us to be intentional with showing each other affection in various ways while energizing the intimacy in our marriage. We realized that we have work to do to make what we've learned a lifestyle. We both enjoyed these activities. Looking forward to future events. Anonymous

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